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G.E.L.A. Foundation

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Get Extraordinary Love: 


A 501c3 Charity

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About G.E.L.A

In 2009 we went to an adoption event in Anderson, SC to "look" for possibly adding a member to our family. As I bent down to check out this little 6-month-old pup she put her paws on my shoulders to give me a hug and the rest, as they say, is "her" story. 


This sweet pup was named "Mudpie" and we just didn't see that in her. We decided to give her a name as unique and special as she was to us. She was named after both her dad and myself, using the first and last letters of both of our names - GE (GeorgE) and LA (LisA).


We knew immediately she was a special girl. She showed more love in her short lifetime than most people get in their entire lives.


The pandemic hit in 2020 and we were all on lockdown. Shortly after lockdown, Gela's dad, George, had to have emergency heart surgery. For the next several months, while George recovered it was just us. During this time Gela and I became inseparable. We spent every second together and did everything together. She became my shadow and my biggest supporter.


As Gela's dad recovered, Gela's health took a turn for the worse. We believe she stayed strong and well to help us while her dad recovered. We spent our time together making her life the best life not knowing how long we had with our girl. In 2021 our hearts were shattered when we had to say goodbye to our sweet girl. As I sat in my grief and heartache I realized I needed to do something in her honor; something to help the pain in my heart and something to bring back some of the joy she brought to my life. And so the G.E.L.A. Foundation was formed. 


Our mission is to share with others, the extraordinary love you can both give and receive from adopting a pet. The same extraordinary love we experienced with our Gela.


You will be my friend for always and always and always.

Lisa Marie Carter

Gela's mom and Founder of G.E.L.A Foundation

Get Extraordinary Love: Adopt

The heart behind our cause - meet our Gela

Our PAWesome Board



Lisa Marie Carter

To honor my girl in the best way I know how is to find other rescues their heart's match just like Gela was mine. She chose me in 2009 and showed me a love that I can't describe. The love we got from her was EXTRAORDINARY and we want others to experience that amazing feeling you get when you adopt a rescue. Our mission is to bring awareness to the benefits of adopting a dog and to help rescues find their furever homes. Join us, Get Extraordinary Love: Adopt!

Vice President

Ginny board.jpg

Ginny Baxter

Pictured with me is my heart and now my angel, my Champy. My passion for animals goes back as long as I can remember. I have been involved in animal welfare and rescue in one way or another throughout my life, from volunteering to walk homeless dogs who were displaced after hurricanes in south FL to helping find homes for dogs and cats in need. I am a dog mom through and through.


Linda board.JPG

Linda Kaufman

Pictured with me is Cindy, our fifth rescue dog. Education and awareness for the adoption of dogs can never be overstated. A constant reminder of this heartwarming subject is every time Cindy looks at me and smiles. 

When I was asked, I didn't hesitate to join this foundation because I know how much Lisa loved her baby and what a precious soul Gela was.



Macy Long

Pictured with me is my baby, Miss Happy, I rescued Happy in 2009. The love you get from a rescue is like no other love you'll experience. Miss Happy and Gela were BFFs as they were both adopted the same year and spent some fun times together. To serve on the board of the GELA Foundation is to give Happy a way to be heard and be part of her BFFs legacy.



Rhonda McIntosh

Pictured with me is Jazz, a rescue brought up from New Orleans and big boy Brutus, the newest rescue, adopted after the next-door neighbor passed away suddenly. The unconditional love given by these furry, four-legged creatures I’ve adopted, reminds me to start each day with gratitude.  They are joyful gifts,  each with their own unique personality and abundance of intuition. 

Board Chair


Jazmyn Jones

I've always had a soft spot for rescues. Giving animals the chance and love they so deserve is a mission I can truly get behind. Being close friends with Lisa, I've known Gela since day one and the message behind this foundation is fitting. The love Gela had and gave is truly nothing short of extraordinary. Every dog we save in her honor will help her love and legacy live on. 



Wendy Roach

Pictured with me is Mae Mae a priceless addition to our family. We met at Camp Bow Wow where she was being fostered and I work. It didn’t take long before I knew we had a connection. Despite abuse and the unfortunate circumstances of her early years, MaeMae’s unconditional love is a true testament of the trusting nature of dogs and their loyalty to humans. The G.E.L.A. Foundation represents the unconditional love that is given and received when a rescue is adopted. Gela came to Camp Bow Wow for day care and we looked forward to having her and loving on her. She was a sweet special girl. Serving on this board is a way to honor her memory and raise awareness for the need to find these deserving rescues their forever homes. 


dr mefford.jpg

Dr. Julie Mefford

 I care for my patients and I care for Gela’s spirit and life. This foundation is a wonderful way to honor her and I think it is a wonderful idea. Adopted pets are amazing and offer so much to us humans. I am happy to try and help the G.E.L.A. foundation supporting adoption efforts for pets. 

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